recent weaving

mohair boucle on egyptian cotton warp

mohair/alpaca blend wool  on baby alpaca warp

mohair on handspun wool/angora (honey wool)  warp + laurier magik

handspun organic cotton

recycled angora sweaters and honey wool

recycled angora sweaters on recycled silk yarns warp

japanese wool boucle with recycled fibers

deeply sharing

nemuro: staring at russia/ japan house #1

effervescence, a violent wind
a fish flexes its invisible fingers
in the frozen air
whipping through the trees
other times lashing grew
damsons from trees
planted oranges from seeds
the lawn crawls outward
my roots grow old and dry and die

once again the goddamn plum blooms
ad multiply inifinite
fucking spring is coming again
winter, my love, is leaving me again
like persephone in love in Hades.  in canadian poems.




the thing about things.... is....  this is a really messy notebook.  destashing some handspun cotton - grown on 100 year pesticide free land.  i have a small treasury of extra skeins that i will never even hope to get around to using.  tears!